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Best of Show

Orangutan Moment, Morton Lancaster

1st Place, 2D

The Embrace, Terri Bennett

1st Place, Photography

Untitled, Paris, David Veal

2nd Place, 2D

Mona Lisa Selfie, Warren Griffin

2nd Place, Photography

Jekyll Sunrise, Beverly Veal

3rd Place, 2D

Angels, Ivan Chmelo

3rd Place, Photography

Monarch, Glenn Grossman

HM, 2D

Heirlooms, Cathy Compton

HM, Photography

New Bridge, T.F. Fields

Angels of the Abyss

Deonna Hendrix


Phyllis Thiessen

New Bloom

Martha Clayton Lee

Happy Birthday

Rick Larabee

Hello World

Alice Fountain

Letting Go

Marian Zielinski


Ivan Chmelo

New Inner Strength

Deonna Hendrix

Take Chances

Phyllis Thiessen

New Moon

Martha Clayton Lee

Nude Beginning

Ivan Chmelo

Coming Home

Peggy Maine

View at the Farm

Pat Harmeyer

Good Morning

Peggy Maine

A New Day

Allan Carey

First Blooms

T.F. Fields

They Tried to Bury Us, But They Did Not Know We Were Seed

Terri Bennett