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Member Wall and Other Items

We also have a large selection of unframed prints available. Check us out. 

We are open

Tues - Fri, 12noon until 5pm

Sat, 12noon until 3pm

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Martha Clayton Lee, Digital Paper/Mixed

Bamboo Forest

Martha H. Tisdale, Oil

Beyond the High Falls

Betty Treadwell, Oil


Martha Clayton Lee, Acrylic/Mixed

Spider Lily

Glenn Grossman, Photography

Blackbeard Island Driftwood

Martha H. Tisdale, Acrylic

Fountain Reflections

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon, Oil

Marsh Early Morning

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon, Oil

Fluffy Sunflower

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon, Oil

Colorful Tree

Allan Carey, Oil

Wash Your Face

Allan Carey, Oil

Big Fish

Peggy Maine, Acrylic

Canna Lilies

Ernestine Stofko-Dixon, Acrylic


T.F. Fields, Photography

Good Point

Allan Carey, Oil


Eve Brothers, Photography

The Foothills

Betty Treadwell, Oil

Old Blue in Sunshine

Kelly Kernich, Oil

Morning Glory

T.F. Fields, Photography

Autumn Vineyard

Betty Treadwell, Oil

Hunter's Farm

Ruthie McKenzie, Acrylic

Ivy Teapot

Martha H. Tisdale, Watercolor

Wisteria on High Street

Martha H. Tisdale. Oil

Feeding Chickens

Allan Carey, Oil